General Information

We have seen very little of Arizona. We have seen some of the most fantastic sites, from the beautiful to the bizarre. As we drove down the highway, the sun rose, and we saw silhouette of dinosaurs along the side of the road. An unusually surprising vision, but a poignant statement to the history of the land long before we arrived.

Stewart's Historic Route 66 stop Sign for fossils on a dinosaur related to Stewart's

Trading posts with beautiful Native American crafts alongside roadstops with chunks of petrified wood, fossils and pretty rocks lined the way as we traveled to the parks. We saw ostriches, both real, and what might have been paper mâché at one place. They also sold ostrich eggs. I had visited my friend in Phoenix once before, but this was certainly a different side of the state!

Parks We Visited

Our visits to Arizona have been brief. We have only had the chance to visit two of the national parks in the state. When we visited Canyon de Chelly, we camped overnight at the park and did a day trip in with a hired guide from the visitors' center. With Petrified Forest, we drove in to Holbrook and stayed at a cheap hotel in the evening, and drove into the park the next morning. Petrified Forest only has permit camping in the back country. Each of our trips was spontaneous, mostly unplanned, and specifically to that destination. Both parks are places we recommend.