End of the Day

Petrified Log at the Long Logls trail Log chunks scattered on a hillside

As we approached the Rainbow Forest, the closing time was near. We decided to take a quick walk and combine the Agate House Trail and Long Logs Trail. It is a flat path that winds though the grasses and shrubs of the desert and has a backdrop hills marked with bands of color. There is a roofed shelter from the sun along the way and that is where the Agate House Trail joins the Long Logs Trail. The Agate House can be seen on a small rise in the desert floor. The round trip for both paths is 2.5 miles and is very exposed to the sun. Even in the late day sun, we drank a significant amount of our water from our water bottles.

The Trail returning from the Agate House Bill nest to a petrified log Closeup of the Agate House wall

If we had not seen our fill of the petrified wood at this point, the Agate house certainly was our fill. This was originally an eight room Pueblo that is believed to be occupied for a short period of time during the Pueblo III period. The chunks of petrified wood make up the fasçade of the reconstruction, and we could imagine the original structure covered in strong reds and yellows from the cross sections of petrified wood.

The Trail returning from the Agate House Bill nest to a petrified log

Though not our favorite trail in the park (it is hard to beat the unique world of the Blue Mesa), we appreciated the cultural significance of the Pueblo and an idea of how they built the structure some time between 700 and 900 years ago.