General Information

Anteaters Anteaters Sleeping cat Tapir

If you expect to see a lot of wildlife other than birds while in Belize you may want to stop at the zoo. The zoo was created when a group of animals were 'left over' from a documentary and desperately needed a home. Since then, the zoo has become a home for orphaned animals, those born in the zoo, and gifts from other organizations. The cages are not the traditional boxes you might expect in a zoo. The habitat for each animal or group of animals is kept natural with the surroundings and the roaming area is spacious. For more information visit the official site for the Belize Zoo.

The Animals

A margay blends in with the ground A margay blends in with the ground Sleeping cat Gray fox in a tree

Many people think of Jaguars when they think of Belize, and the zoo will not disappoint. There are quite a few different types of cats. Other species of animals may be unfamiliar to visitors, like the tapir, agouti, and the coatimundi. Easy to find signs helped us learn the species and identify them in the brush.

Getting There

Road map with Belize Zoo

The Belize Zoo is easy to get to if you can get yourself on to the Western Highway. From the Airport, we drove west instead of into Belize City, heading towards Burrell Boom then south towards Hattieville on the Western Highway. Needless to say we then went west along the Western Highway. Eventually there will be a sign on the road identifying the Zoo. It makes for a good stop on the way from the airport to your hotel if staying in the west.