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The Cape is a wonderful place to go if you enjoy paved bike paths and beaches. We first wrote about our visit to the Cape in 2004, and are now returning to write about our visit in 2009. The last time we went, the Shining Sea bike path was only a few miles long, but it has since grown by many miles and a lot of efforts by dedicated community members. There are beatiful short paths like the Head of the Meadows trail and the popular long Cape Cod Rail Trail that extends through a large part of the Cape. There is something for everyone. What surprised us is there are a number of off road paths (see our Mountain Biking) section. There is also an active community of bikers in the area. The cape has to be one of the most outdoor active communities we have ever visited. Even the car dealer displays have kayaks and bike racks on the model cars in the showrooms.

Because the number of the bike paths on the Cape, we finally broke down the long one page version of Cape Cod Biking into paved and dirt trails. We hope our site is easier to navigate than the Cape itself. Just remember that the Upper Cape is the first part you get to after you cross the bridges from the mainland is below the part on a map that is called the the Lower Cape which is the section above with the curved tip that includes Provincetown. This will be clearly evident when you start taking roads marked East that clearly go West for which we personally have no comment on other than it is darned confusing. Perhaps people are more interested in beaching, biking and boating to worry about the road signs. That is our type of place!


The following map shows a few paths we mention on this site. It is not fully encompassing of all trails on the Cape. Just ones we have tried out.

Map of Cape showing bike paths

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