The Trail

This short trail is 2 miles 1 way. Unless you have two cars or a buddy who comes and picks you up, this is a 4 mile round trip. It is very flat and is cleared wide so that there is a lot of sunlight, whereas many other trails have trees close to the trail. This trail has some trees, but most parts are cleared wide and has lower bushes along the way. A real need for sun screen and water, but a good opportunity to see a lot of wildlife.

rare part of path with shaded trees gnarly branched tree open path

When you get to the other parking lot, feel free to stop and go over to the beach. Because of the abundance of birds and wildlife, it is one of our favorites. The beach is beautiful, too. After our return trip, you can take a walk or try to ride your bike on the trail over the sand dunes off of the parking lot at high head road to make more of a day of your adventure.

A Bit of History

There is one historical site worth mentioning that is a spring that was happened upon by the Pilgrims who observed the deer here. It is called First Spring. There is a painting of this event and site in the Museum at the base of the Pilgrim Monument in Province Town.

The spring - not looking tasty Painting of Pilgrims at the spring

Getting There

beack at parking lot at the end Head of Meadows Bike Path

This bike trail is in Truro, MA. There are two parking lots, one at each end. During the summer and early fall, there is a fee to park at the southern or eastern end. That is the National Park Service beach Parking lot. To get there, you will see a big brown sign on Route 6 saying Head of the Meadows and the road will take you to the lot. This is what we did, and the ranger helped redirect us to the other parking lot so we did not have to pay. We got back on Route 6 and headed towards Province Town. Right in front of Pilgrim Lake in Truro, we turned on to High Head Road which is indicated only by a standard street sign set back a few yards. Once on that road, we took a quick right on to the dirt road that leads to a dirt cul-de-sac that is a parking lot at the end. Signs for the two turns for the second parking lot are shown below.

Sign for High Head Road Now take a left on to dirt to get to bike path parking