The Trip

Cormorant drying her wings Paddling to the end Old boat

Map with boat drop and route

This is the easiest of all of the trips we describe at the Cape. It is protected water between two peninsulas, Seacoast Shores, and Waquoit Landing. When leaving the landing, if you head towards the highway, you can get past the densely packed population into some quiet waters. We saw a lot of ducks back here, and the current is not really strong, at least when we were here. We eventually hit a little tunnel that water came out that we could not pass through so we called it a day and came back.

We paddled out the other way past the landing a bit, but the traffic was heavier. It was neat looking at the houses and there were a lot of people who rented kayaks from the shop at the landing that were out having a fun time. Everyone was waving, and sometimes a boat would go by with a dog on board. It was kind of a family day out sort of atmosphere, and a good paddle to take it easy. There is a current, and there is a tide, even though it is called a river, it connects to Nantucket Sound, so keep that in mind, but it is not wavy like being in open ocean by any stretch of the imagination unless you are in a hurricane or something. it was a very nice afternoon to spend with friends.

Our favorite part to reccomend is definitely the part where we went under Route 28 and into the quieter parts of the river and watched ducks. There are little rivlulets and pockets to explore and it is very pictureesque. For those wanting to make a longer day of it, if you head in the other direction, you can try Child's River to Eel Pond around Seacoast Shores or head over to Washburn Island.

Getting There

This is easy to get to as it is right on Route 28 only a few miles from the Mashpee Commons Rotary (intersection of 151 and 28) in the direction of Falmouth and Woodshole (not Hyannis). If you are coming in the opposite direction, it is very soon after Mahoney's Garden Center. It is hard to miss Edward's Boat Yard. Here there *used* to be a kayak rental place, but there is still a place to put your boats, canoes and kayaks in, and a parking lot for your cars and trailers. This is very easy. At the time that we are writing this, you can put in at the public ramp (White's Landing) next to Edward's Boat Yard and park at the dirt lot next to it without a sticker. We have updated this page to note that we were told that there are no longer kayak rentals at the boatyard. We see a place on 28 by the Bourne Bridge that rents for the day or week, but you may need to have a vehicle that carries it.

Other Routes from the Same Launch Point

From the same launching point at Edwards Boatyear, you can also try the route that includes the ocean around Seacoast Shores and the easier part of Child's River