The Park

We entered the park from Route 58 coming from Route 495. Some people consider this area part of Cape Cod. You do not have to cross the bridge to get to this park unless you are already on the Cape. Thus the argument that this is not actually part of Cape Cod. It is not really important to us if this is part of Cape Cod or not part of Cape Cod. It is West of the Bourne Bridge off of Route 495. Both sides of the argument are right. It is part of Plymouth and Carver, Massachusetts.

Swan in front of cranberries and hut. Turkey on the bike trail. Cranberry bog during winter flurries.

Following this route, the speed limit gets slower and slower and makes its only turn; a right that brings the traveler through a series of cranberry bogs until they reach the forest. Continuing into the forest, a parking lot, bathroom and headquarters will eventually be on the left at a sharp bend in the road. it is at this point that there is a nice 3 mile walking path around a pond, access to a canoe and kayak drop, and access to the bike paths.

The Trail

We took a few paths with a stop for a picnic lunch. We came the weekend before the 4th of July weekend and ran into nobody. Parking was easy and there were no other bikers on the path, but we did run into some people at the parking lot.

Map of our trip Curves though the pine forest. A big drop before Lot 4.

We started at the Headquarters Parking lot and rode over the closed bridge and looked for the bike path on the left. It is paved and has a triangle tag marking the tree for a bike path. We followed this until we had a choice and we chose "Lot 4". We did not know what this meant, but we had all day. This brought us though lovely forest for quite some time until a quick drop put us at the end of the park at the East Entrance across from a dirt lot that we guessed must be Lot 4. The only option at this point was to track back and find a place to sit and eat our lunch.

We rode until we found a park sign in a parking lot that showed a picnic area at Fearing Pond and we saw a bike path that went to that area. We continued on the path, found the junction at a place that looked like it could have been a forest in Scotland, and headed over to the pond. After a lazy lunch, we headed back and followed the plastic triangle signs back to Headquarters. The round trip with picnic took about three or four hours. We stopped a few times along the way, once to watch turkeys in the path, and other times just to take a drink and talk. We found this park, overall, to be an exceptional experience for paved path biking.