General Information

Prince Island National has become easily accessible by way of the Constitution Bridge. This is nice in that you no longer have to take a ferry, but with easy access comes larger tourism evident by tourist sites like a Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum near the Anne of Green Gables sites. Finding quiet seclusion is not as easy as it was before. Despite the buildup, the island has miles and miles of beautiful coastline and open fields bloom with lupine in the early summer.

lupine with lake in back red sand beach grassy dune with St. Lawrence in background

We chose this place because our Fundy National Park vacation was being rained on excessively. We needed a dry escape to enjoy some casual off road biking and some easy kayaking. P.E.I., or "The Island" by name that the kayakers at Fundy refereed to it as, had a lot of promise and despite the drive, it was worth the effort.

We had done some research before we went - we always have a "Plan B", so we had a few maps and a few pamphlets. The best hep came from the friendly man at the Visitor Center at the end of the Constitution Bridge who recommended Twin Shores Campground as it is a place his family always camped at. He was spot on. It was perfect for us, and in June there is still availability at most camping places.

The four days we spent on "The Island" was wonderful and we expect to return in the near future. What we visited is only a small sampling of the kayaking and biking available in this Province.