A Modern World Meets Ancient History

We found Egypt to be very modern in contrast to the richness of history. Cairo streets are lined with Starbucks, KFC, Armani, and Gucci. But unlike other divers metropolitan areas, Egypt had the pyramids and the tombs that I had only dreamed of ever visiting. Finally the dream became a reality.

camel in front of the pyramids Hieroglyphics with scarabs A man with a cart with stacked vegetables about 4 feet high

Where to be Cautious If You Stay

We stayed in a modern hotel that used to be a palace. It is owned and run my Marriott. It was quite exquisite, and we had a room at the top of the tower that overlooked the Nile and the lights at night were beautiful. The only issue we had with the hotel is that everyone told us breakfast was included, even at the breakfast buffet. When we checked out we were charged a hefty daily price for the breakfast. We never won that battle and I did not find the bowl of cereal each day to be worth the $20. I don't know how to suggest that one finds out if breakfast is included as asking at the front desk and in the dining area led to misinformation. We were charged for the bottle of water each day for breakfast while at the dining hall. That is not included in breakfast.

front of palace turned hotel The Nile from our balcony The Nile at night from our balcony

Places to Visit

We only spent a few days in Egypt, but we were able to fit in a day trip to Luxor (flight required), a day trip to the pyramids at Giza and a side excursions to Memphis and Saqqara, and a very long day trip to Alexandria. If we ever get to return, I wish to do the little river cruise along the Nile to Upper Egypt which is south of Cairo.

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