A Lifelong Dream Realized

We went to Giza for my birthday. Since I was a little kid, I wanted to see the great pyramids. I was finally tired of hearing "Let's wait until it is safe". No more excuses. We were going.

We had dinner almost across the street at a fantastic restaurant that featured fresh seafood. That, and all the tahina and eggplant that we could eat, we were finally on our way.

the pyramid with tiny people in front entrance to the inside of the pyramid camel with fancy blanket

Visiting the site was different than I had imagined. The Sphinx was smaller than I thought, the traffic heavier, but to see and to touch the pyramids was an experience second to none. We bought tickets to go up inside, which was something I had some fears about, like an earthquake happening and becoming trapped, but the desire to experience the whole thing was stronger.

It is dark, and small, and kind of uncomfortably hot as we climbed up into each section. At the end, there was a large room with a sarcophagus made of stone. We spent a little time ni the room, before we finally went for the return climb. The way in is the way out, so we kept running into other people along the way, and had to take turns on the stairs and ladders. In the end, it was definitely the best birthday I could have hoped for.

Camel with owner. Pyramids in the distance. the sphnx