Ancient Egypt

The crowds heading in Pillars with Hieroglyphics Statues aon the side of the road in the ruins

Walking into this temple was exactly what I thought ancient Egypt was like. It is like walking into a city. The amount of tourists at the end of the day was massive, but most are then headed to the airport to catch a late flight back to Cairo.

Rams along the entrance Hieroglyphics at the top of an obelisk

Our guide talked about the rich history of the place while we moved quickly from one stop to the next. I can see how a two day trip to Luxor with an overnight stay would have been beneficial, but our only place to sleep was in Cairo, so we got the most out of the sites in Luxor in a day.

Painted Hieroglyphics under stone connecting two pillars Hieroglyphics Hieroglyphics

This was my favorite stop. It had the feel of an ancient civilization still bustling with life. Everywhere we turned were towering pillars and statues. I would definitely return to this site if we had the chance to come back to Egypt.

Hieroglyphics Hieroglyphics Hieroglyphics painted on the ceiling