The Oldest Market in the World


This market is centuries old. Originally part of the trade route, it is now used as a market for locals and visitors alike. we went at night for dinner and some shopping, and the streets were packed with people enjoying an evening out.

A shop Shoes Delivering bread Arch

Above the stalls that sell brass lamps, belly dancing costumes, and brilliant colored scarves, ancient structures with ornate patterns still exist. This was a place in Cairo that can't be missed.

Glass vases Arch Dresses for Bellydancing

All of our shopping was a negotiation: the starting price, the asking price, then the agreement on between. It makes purchasing things a bit tiring, and we end up not buying as much as we would like due to the time it takes just to buy one thing, but we were happy with everything we found.

Lanterns for sale A cafe in the street