Inside the Tombs

Painting of of a row of people Painting of of People with Trees

We went to King Tut's tomb early in our visit to the Valley of the Kings. What we did not understand at the beginning of our visit, is to bring a small camera in to the tombs. We were unclear about if it was allowed or not. They discourage the use in large crowds because people get stuck behind shutter bugs and it takes away from the experience. This is what we were told. So we have no photos of the first few tombs we went in, including King Tut's.

Painted Hieroglyphics Painted Hieroglyphics Painted Hieroglyphics Painted Hieroglyphics Painted Hieroglyphics

Each day, only several of the tombs are open for viewing. We purchased tickets for each that was open. The name of the king is usually at the entrance way. This is how we learned that King Tut was Tut-ankh-ahmen. That was pretty interesting that the key to life (ankh) was part of his name.

Walkway into the tomb Deities

It was not very busy in the morning when we went, but certainly more people than the Valley of the Queens. The March weather was bearable, almost ideal because it had been pretty cold in Cairo during our stay, so the sun and the heat were nice to have.

First beam over walkway shown above

The two photos above and below are from the entrance passageway to one of the tombs. They were the head cross pieces along the corridor down.

Second beam over walkway shown above