Outside the Tombs

Step Pyramid of Djoser Statues

Saqqara was the first stop of the day. It was going to be a long day, including Memphis, Giza, and the Khan el-Khalili. This would be our first sighting of the ancient pyramids, and our first chance to enter a tomb.

Tomb Heb Sed (Jubilee) Court

The pyramids here are smaller than Giza, and are stepped in shape. The place was well visited, and some of the parts were hard to walk through due to the crowds being in small places.

Carvings of snakes Security

Inside the Tombs

Stars for the ceiling Hieroglyphics around the tomb

Some of the tombs were painted in fantastic colors, and other were stone with carved decorations and hieroglyphics. The tomb keeper allowed us to take photos in the stone structures, but not where there was paint.

Wall and ceiling in the tomb Hieroglyphics The long dark hallway to the tomb

Going into one of the tombs was almost completely dark, like the hallway in the photo above. Once we got to the sarcophagus, there was lighting in the room. The guard took our photo (for a small tip) and told us a bit about the history. Like in other places, the history might not be what a paid guide would know to be true, but it is about the conversation and not the facts.