Maybe Not What We Expected

The description in the books and catalogs about this place put images in our head that the actual site did not live up to. We were expecting a volcanic version of Bryce Canyon's maze. This was more like outcrops here and there, and some were tall, but others were not the heights we imagined from the descriptions. If the writings we read had not played it up so large, we probably would have enjoyed it more for what it was rather than what it was said to be.

Fall foliage with a lava spire in the background Black spired characteristic of the site Path on the outer left trail (I think) Many mosses grow on the lava

The Trails

So what was it? It was an area that had a number of trails to pick from. There were mainly flat paths on the outskirts and a rougher one with a small bit of rise and fall down the middle. There were parts where lava rock protruded out of the earth in interesting formations. Some of interest were similar to arches or windows and many resembled animals if you have an active imagination. We went in the fall, so the foliage against the black rocks was of particular interest.

Photo of map Photo of trail description - top Photo of trail description - bottom

It would have helped to have a trail map while on the trails, though there are trail signs at the intersections. We did this on the day where we spent most of the day in an ice cave and then arrived here with wind and rain. At the parking lot was a coffee shop and gift shop. The cakes at the shop were a real treat with our hot chocolate. We actually came back later for seconds. The gift shop had lot of nice items from 66º North which is a nice manufacturer of warm winter outerwear. yes, I probably paid top dollar here - but it enabled me to do many more hikes after this. A note on the coffee shop is that is has glass walls that look out over Dimmuborgir and it is very pretty.