Reykjanes Peninsula Day Trip

Town near the airport

This was our last day in Iceland and we had only half a day before we had to arrive at the airport. We had picked up a magazine of things to do around Harfnafjordur (near Reykjavik) and I saw a photo of a geothermal site. The magazine said to go to the local tourist office and get a map so we did just that. Since we had only half a day we did not stop at a lot of sites that were interesting like the lighthouse and the multitude of hiking, but we did get a good day in. One thing to note is that the churck (Krýsuvíkurkikja) burnt to the ground and the site was only rocks on a hill when we arrived.

The drive to Seltún brought us down a slow and rough road that wound around peaks and craters filled with water. The landscape was amazing and we hope to get back to see more of it next time. Leading up to Seltún Geothermal Area we at least stopped to take a few photos, but the desire to return to explore is pretty great. Afer our walk at Seltúna, we did a short hike to Austurengjahver and continued through Grindavik where we grabbed a quick snack.

We finished our roadtrip with a stop at the Power Plant Earth Museum, the Bridge Between the Continents where the wind almost blew us home, saving the plane trip, and a quick stop at a church to see the horses once last time.

Our Route

This route has many more places to visit and the hiking looks really nice. The Reykjanes Map - Your free travel map to the Reykjanes Peninsula has over a dozen trails marked out in a cartoon sort of way, but is very tempting to people like us to get out and explore.

Map of our route