Unbeatable Photography

We went to this location because the map showed an arch on it and we thought it would be neat to see it in real life. The Skógar Museum had photos of it with shipwrecks and now we were ready to see the real thing. We drove east on Route 1 and took a right turn towards the ocean at a sign for Dyrholaey.

The time we spent here was climbing around on the wet rocks (very dangerous) and walking down to the black sand beach (parts are also very dangerous). I have some excellent photos of Bill running for his life after the water comes in too quick. We hate to advise anyone to go here in case the sea sweeps them away, but there were other people there when we were visiting so maybe it is not as rough as we thought. The waves crashed on the rocks and left a spray taller than Bill which would be over 6 feet high. Spray also lands on the top of the cliffs and makes it very slippery. There were not many birds there during our visit in September, that that was par for the island at that time of year.

The reason we wanted to mention this place on our sight is that it is simply a wonderful opportunity for photography. I made some black and whites from some of the ocean shots that I was really happy with. The land also offers interesting formations and behind us was the green mountains and glacial caps. On the way out we stopped at a little church that was very cute. The road is not excellent, but it was passable and we found quite a few cars parked at the area.

One of my favorite memories