A Neat Museum

We stopped at this museum because I liked the pretty picture in the tour book. It had planets and so we had to go and satiate my curiosity. We did this on our last day while driving along the Reykjanes Peninsula south of the airport and west of Reykjavík.

The museum was a short stop, perhaps a half hour to an hour, and we were able to see into the power plant itself and explore the exhibits. Along with the models inside the museum portraying the planets, they had both interactive and display items. We did not need a grasp of Icelandic to understand the museum.

Ancient Axe Planet Display Smart Car Sound Display Bill between the planets

The museum continues along the road ni a model of our sun and neighboring planets. The further along the road we traveled north, the more planets we passed until we finally saw pluto at the end. it was a creative and interesting way to show relative distances. With the barren landscape, the silver planet sculptures looked artistic against the black lava. if you have an hour, this was a nice place to stop. This is also close to a lighthouse and the bridge between continents.