First View of the farm while walking down the entryway.

The only reason we found Glaumbær is because we took a wrong turn out of the N1 service station while refilling on M&Ms and Diet Coke. The side of the parking lot is on Route 1 and the front of the parking lot is on Route 75. As we traveled down Route 75 unknowingly, we saw the houses on the right and had to stop. I also thought there was one set of famous turf houses in Iceland, but later in our trip we would discover there are quite a few all around Iceland.

This site has been here for about 900 years but like many other sites we visited, rooms and buildings have changed many times. The turf houses are a museum there are two other lumber built structures that are also museums of old houses on the site along with the church. There was a small fee for admission and for that we got a pamphlet in English, but were also assisted with cards in some of the rooms that had English explanations for items in the rooms. We were there about an hour and only visited the turf houses.

What we liked about this site was the variety of items on display and the ability to move around from room to room and just be in our first turf house. The collection was impressive, from kitchen setups to clothes to games to practical home devices. Each bed was made up and had boards with names or words and dates on them. We thought it must have been very nice living with this much space but at the time many people lived there so it might not have felt very private. We recommend stopping by this site. It is only a few minutes down Route 75 from Route 1 in the northern part of the country.