Our Favorite Hike in Mývatn

The views from the rim were incredible. We could see our hotel, places we had hiked, and the off terrain bus for the Lofthellir Ice Cave Trip parked where we had been in the morning. There were also people on horseback riding down below and we wished we had more time so we could try out that stable as well. We had already ridden with a local farm, but riding is one of our favorite things to do and I am not sure we could ever get enough.

This was our favorite hike. We saved it to the end because I had been pretty cold during the trip, but had just purchased a new and better fleece jacket and felt more prepared. The hike up to the rim is a little steep and gravelly, but once on the rim, the trail is obvious as you circle around back to where you came up. There are two trails to the top, and this can be hiked while doing the long hike from Dimmuborgir to town.

The guide claims this hike to sport one of the world's largest tephra rings. Tephra is solid stuff thrown into the air when a volcano erupts, but we do not understand what the book's fact really means. I thought all volcanoes were made of solid stuff. Do they mean it the one of the largest rims? I'd be surprised, but maybe that is what it means. Either way, this was our favorite hike we did in Mývatn and recommend it to people who do not mind the steep climb up.