Its Own World

Our experience with the north was a drive along Route 1 to Mývatn and back with a two night stay in Mývatn. We saw a beautiful part of the country that was everything we imagined Iceland to be. There was so much more in teh north to do. We got a hiking trail map of a park further north that we did not have time to visit and there were a few fjords that we wished to visit and a lighthouse that did not fit into our schedule.

The north beacons visitors from other parts of Iceland, bird enthusiasts, and avid hikers along with the curious visitors who take their time to circle Iceland along Route 1. It was a long drive and given 24 hours we think it is possible to make the entire circle of Route 1. To get to the north from the Westfjords and to return to Reykjavik both took the entire day. For some, a day in the car is torture. For us, it is a chance to get out and explore at any point along the way and if we make it to our designation we make it, if we don't that is OK, too.