A Famous Waterfall

Starting the trip Edge of Hestur and the clear water Artic Fox Artic Fox

We first saw this waterfall while watching The Amazing Race many years before. I was very impressed that they could walk behind the waterfall and was also impressed by how amazing Iceland is. It was simply this episode that planted the seed in our minds that we would have to one day visit Iceland. The final push was when our friends Amy and Chris went and lit a fire under us to get going.

Sea Urchin and Baby Sea star Seal Seal Small part of the jellyfish colony

You can see this waterfall from Route 1. It is a simple road to drive down to get to the parking lot. Tour busses can drive this road easily. The site has a restroom and a trail that loops from the lot, goes behind the falls, and then returns. It is a short walk, but a little on the steep side. Just next door is a little campground that looked very nice and worth taking note of for a future visit. Both the road and a trip appeared to link the falls to the campground. Our final note on this site is that it is a stop for tour busses so there is often a large crowd and then all of a sudden it is quiet.