Skálarbærinn and Storehouse from Gröf at Skógar

Skálarbærinn, which means farm at/from Skál, was relocated to Skógar to the museum grounds. The rooms of Skálarbærinn were built from 1830 through 1950 and the storehouse was built in 1870. These structures were relocated to the museum grounds about 20 years ago, and the houses were lived in until 1970. This set of buildings was set up to demonstrate how it would look while being lived in.

It was really beautiful and helped to portray a bright and cheerful home which is not what some may assume from a house built into the earth. The ceiling in one of the houses demonstrated a good example of how the flat slatelike tiles were layered over the frame and the turf was then grown over that. This is the closest set of turfhouses to the Folk Museum and parking lot. We just drove down Route 1 and we could see the houses from the road and it is a short road off of Route 1 to reach the parking lot.

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