Waterfall and Hiking

When we visited this area they were having issues with incredibly strong winds. Gravel from the parking lot was pelting our faces as we got out of the car. It was incredibly painful. A bus had shown up but no one wanted to get out to walk to the falls so after it departed we made our way towards the falls. There is a hiking trail up the right side and the hiker is rewarded with fantastic scenery and more cascades. We know this because we have seen other people's photos. For us, the weather got the best of us.

I took only a few photos but was worried that the gravel blasting at us would harm the camera lens so we have very little of this beautiful place. We ended up having to spend the rest of the visit to Skógar indoors, which turned out great since the Folk Museum, Church at Skógar, Skógarbær, and Skálarbærinn were all about a minute or two away from the falls. We did return a year later and made a small attempt at the Fimmvörðuháls Pass which starts to the right of the falls.

While You Are Here