Jameson Cemetery

The Jameson cemetery is along the road that leads to the Portmarnock Golf Links. While walking along the sidewalk, there is a space between buildings with a small metal fence. Go though that and you will see the remains of the church almost immediately. Walk too far and you are on the golf course.

The remains of the church and some of the burial sites have been severely disrespected and are littered with beer cans and rubbish. I could not find a sign telling us about the church or the history of the site, another indication that this sacred place was not cared for.

chirch and cemetery with Portmarnock Hotel in the background row of stones at the cemetery black and white photo of the cemetery

Duleek Monastery and High Crosses

This monastery was built in the late 5th century by Saint Cianán. The name duleek (damhlaig) means stone church, which was significant in that other churches had been built of wood. The tower currently standing is form the 15th century. It was built against a round tower which i no longer there, but you can see the curved hint of the structure against the north side of the tower.

cross through arch carved stone with man inside the old abbey high cross fragment high cross high side 1 high side 2