A Small Part of Ostia Antica

Entrance Tombs

We came here thinking we were visiting Ostia Antica. The people at our hotel said they had never heard of Ostia Antica. We now know that Ostia Antica proper is hard to miss. It is the biggest attraction for tourists for miles. We don't really know why we could not get help.

Detail of a carving of men on a boat Remaining mosaics Alter or shrine

We found a place that looked like it could be Ostia Antica on the side of the road, and it matched our map for a historic site so we parked and signed in with a gatekeeper. No one else was visiting. It clearly became obvious that this was a necropolis and we continued to go along with the fact that we found Ostia Antica. We did, in a way, as this is the necropolis for the old city, but this was a very tiny site a bit out of the way of the main ruins. it was not until we got home and looked at a pamphlet from Greenline Tours that we had picked up on our stay, and on the brochure was a photo of a huge theater. There was no way we could have possibly missed it. it was about the size of the site we visited. At this point we did not know what we did see after all. After much research and a return visit, we did discover the truth, and we did finally visit Ostia Antica proper.

Inside a courtyard Tops of tombs Mosaic near tomb entrance

The necropolis was a really beautiful site. It was a short visit, maybe an hour, but the artistry that remained was very interesting. We liked peeking into each of the tombs to see how it was decorated. It is easy to navigate. There are only a few long rows, and during our visit, the place was contained with fencing. it was very peaceful, and reccommended, though at the time of writing this, the site is closed without a note on when or if it will reopen soon.

Face on coffin Shelves inside of tomb Mosaic of birds

This site had a lot of little details at each place that made it interesting, whereas in Ostia Antica proper, there are lots of structures, but the wall decorations were few and far between. This site is rich in artistry for such a tiny place, and we found the morning light to be perfect for both viewing and photography.

Shelf Bird in mosaic Flowers in mosaic

We have put out as many photos as we thought you might enjoy, dear reader, if the case still exists that you can not visit. We hope you can be satisfied, at least for now, as a virtual tourist on our site.

Inside tomb Coffins in tomb Back wall of tomb