A Nice Summer Home

Villa Adriana is the residence, or complex of buildings and gardens, built by the Roman emperor Hadrian in the 2nd century A.D. This the the Hadrian that led the construction of Hadrian's Wall in England. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was built as a summer retreat between 118 and 134 A.D. and is a testament to what can be considered the finest of Roman Architecture.

Model of site Hilly Walkway Arch

The Tour

We took a half day bus trip with Greenline Tours. We tried to reserve the trip ahead of time from home, but when we got to the tour company they did not show us as paid. It was a little confusing, and we do not know what we did wrong, but we were able to pay at that point and still go on the tour. When we got back we did see that we were only charged once, but I think our lesson is that we do better by making the reservation in person while in Rome rather than from home.

Detail of an arch ancient ruins Rectangular pool

There were not a lot of people on the bus, and it allowed for two small groups to accompany individual guides though the garden. We did not have a lot of free time to wander as we had to head to Villa D’Este after this stop. It was still a nice overview of the location and we did see beautiful things.

Ruins Ruins Ruins Statue by second pool

Overall it was a nice day in that we did not have to do any planning but we think on a return trip we would drive ourselves out there and bring a picnic lunch and do more exploring.