General Information

This Villa and Garden is a 16th century masterpiece and an great example of culture in the Renaissance. It is this garden that influenced gardens across Europe in years to follow. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has grown into glory and been abandoned and again restored several times. After damage from a bombing during WWII, restoration revived and the work continues to this day. The fountains run continuously via the underground water system that travels down hill. It is truly spectacular.

Model of site Hilly Walkway Arch Golden fruit in a fountain

A Quick Visit

We had a short amount of time because we did a bus tour and they have a time schedule. We were allowed plenty of time to get an overview of the main area. I think if we went on our own we would have spent a little more time. We also would have visited earlier in the day since the sun was setting almost minutes from arrival. The morning tour in early months might have an advantage over the afternoon tour due to early sunset. The nice thing about the time of year was the hundreds of blooms from Floreana Bulbose.

Stairs Large View Sunset Tower at sunset

Getting There

First sights outside Arch Orange Trees View from the Balcony

We took a half day bus trip with Greenline Tours. They offered an afternoon trip that gave us a small amount of time to wander around the gardens. We also found this website that describes step by step how to get there. His directions are very detailed - just the way folks like us need: Ron's Travel Blog.

ancient ruins View from the Balcony Daffodils from Floreana Bulbose Courtyard Mosaic Vine