Maybe I Should Have Looked at a Map First

When we went to Egypt in March of 2007, the company that we chose for our private guides also offered trips in Jordan. You could do just Jordan, or do an extension of the Egypt trip in Jordan. It kind of planted a seed in my head that grew over the summer, and by September we ended up in Jordan.

When we were flying into the country, I looked on the map in the flight magazine and noticed we were flying over the Gaza Strip. I was certain we would be shot down and that would be the end of us, but thankfully I was being ridiculous and we landed safely in Jordan. It was on our way out of the airport and headed down the road that I noticed signs that had relatively close distances to the surrounding countries that included Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Israel.

We pulled up to our first hotel and security checked its trunk and undercarriage for bombs before they opened the gate to let us in for the night. I know that should have made me feel safe, but it brought thoughts into my mind that I had not entertained before. What were we thinking?

Along the Way

sign showing distance to Saudi Arabi and Iraq rocks along the edge of the ancient road castle on the side of the road fort on the way to Wadi Rum from Amman

Along the drive between places we were able to see castles and the rocks that outlined the ancient spice trail (photo above). There are trips available that focus on visiting castles or taking the old spice route, but in our limited stay we were only able to see a hint of both.

Where to Stay


Our hotel room

The Mövenpick in Amman was beautiful, the food was perfect, and the staff was very kind and friendly. Just being there was being pampered. If it was our last day to live, then certainly we would die in a good place.

We arrived late in the evening and were offered Turkish Coffee while we waited in the lobby. We retired to our rooms and just enjoyed some late night TV shows from America (Extreme Makeovers) and a channel dedicated to fashion, but in Arabic. The next morning we enjoyed a good breakfast before we were off.


Candy in room

There is the Ancient Site of Petra and the Town of Petra. The site, is in the town, and is walking distance from the major hotels like Mövenpick. Our hotel was fabulous, and they had a little assortment of chocolates when we checked in to our room. One was shaped like the famous cliff side structure that Petra is known for. There are shops and restaurants along the road near the Mövenpick hotel, and we were able to have some great local food and do some shopping in the evening. I found out half the things I was buying were Syrian, not from Jordan, but they were just so beautiful and I couldn't pass them up.

Dead Sea

Hotel property

This is my most favorite of hotels in the world. We stayed at the Mövenpick and had access to the Dead Sea by path or by tram, where we spent most of our time if not at the pool that overlooked the Dead Sea and Israel. The buffet for dinner is second to none. The price was certainly reasonable for the amounts of food offered. My only regret is getting full and having to stop. The dessert bar alone extended the length of the room and was several desserts deep. I would go again to this hotel just to stay here.

Wanting More

Although our trip was short, and the only bombs we heard were over the border in Israel, the trip was very exciting, and the sites we visited were all spectacular. I would like to come back to visit the park that is rich in wildlife and you can go there for a ride similar to a safari. There are so many other things to do that we saw on There are also a lot of castles to visit that we did not have time to see. So yes, I would go back. All of my fears are laid to rest.