An Amazing Experience

We are not really sure why after seeing one of the 7 New Wonders of the World, visiting the baptism site of Christ, and seen amazing petroglyphs in Wadi Rum, why the Dead Sea was the best time we had. Going to the beach almost kills Bill with boredom and misery. We can't figure it out, but the Dead Sea was the neatest thing we did on our vacation.

We stayed at the Mövenpick at the Dead Sea which is second to none. I can't begin to imagine better. We enjoyed our short stay immensely. We headed down to the water and noticed that people were caked in mud and hanging out. We observed carefully and saw that the mud came from a pot where you just applied what you wanted, you waited for it to dry, and then you got into the sea. I am usually skirmish about something in the sea touching me, but nothing lives in the dead sea and this reminder helped.

Cori in the dead sea Bill at the mud pot Pool overlooking the sea

We did the caking of the mud, then went in. We just floated and bobbed in the warm water. It is easy to tip over and then more difficult to gain the upright position, which got a few laughs out of us. It is important to limit our time in the water due to dehydration. There were water bottles out for people to drink, showers to rinse off, and the pot of mud to tempt us to do it all over again.

We then retired back to the hotel where we had The Best Buffet Ever. This hotel really knew how to do things right. The selection of vegetables, meats, arab sweets for desert, and the opportunity to keep going back up for more made me hope Heaven would be like this. Unbelievable. We went for a walk later down towards the sea and there was live music and celebrations for the end of Ramadan. There were even some camels walking around. We made a few final purchases in the gift shop and headed to bed. We were sad to have to leave to the airport the next morning, but we do hope to return to our beautiful hotel by the Dead Sea again some day.

The hotel Sunset over the sea and Israel Hotel at night

Nearby Places

During the same day we also visited Greek Orthodox Church of St. George to see the mosaic maps, visited the baptism site at the Jordan River, and stopped at Mt. Nebo.