Baptism Site of Christ

Israel across the river the Jordan River baptism mosaic

This is a place where you leave your driver behind and board a small vehicle with a guide from the facilities that takes you to the sites. It also left us at the Jordan River stop and we had to wait quite a while for another one to come pick us up. It was the hottest place we had ever been to.

Visiting the Jordan River and seeing how small it is and how close Israel is was mind blowing. I am taller than the river was wide at this point. We were able to put our hands into the river, but for obvious security reasons, including the guy on the bank across from us with a machine gun, you don't jump in. The group is a small one, again for obvious reasons, but that lent to being able to be close to the guide and to hear about the history at each stop. I am very grateful that we did to this. The trip ends at some gift shops that sell religious items and books on the area and has facilities to stop at before we were on our way to the nearby Dead Sea.

Nearby Places

We stayed at the Mövenpick at the Dead Sea after visiting this site. During the same day we also visited Greek Orthodox Church of St. George to see the mosaic maps, stopped by Mt. Nebo, and swam in the Dead Sea.