Humans, Animals, and Ancient Arabic

entrance to canyon

We requested to go to Wadi Rum specifically to see petroglyphs. We had done some research in the internet and found some references and a few images. That was enough to peak our interest. It would be a full day trip with a lot more than petroglyphs, and I promise you that every bit of it was worth it.

The petroglyph site we stopped at first was approached by a small slot canyon near a few trees. Walking through the canyon sometimes included walking on the floor, but often it required scrambling on rocks and little ledges of stone a bit above the ground. It was a tight fit in places, but the canyon was rich in the ancient art carved in stone.

The art was sometimes similar to the petroglyphs created by Native Americans, and there was the distinct difference of written language in an older style of Arabic that our guide could not read.