The Luminary Show

We purchased tickets in the evening for the Luminary Show. It only occurs on certain days a week, so you need to check with the ticket office at Petra to know for sure if the show will happen.

The moon over the luminaries Approaching the Treasury

A large group leaves from the ticket office at a designated time and slowly makes their way towards the old ruins of Petra. We walked in the back with another photographer from Germany. He and I had the same eye for good spots and similar techniques and patiently waited for each other along the way. We had little language in common, as I have lost most of my German, and his English was better, but not excellent. It was enough for the two of us to have some little laughs and a nice experience I will remember sharing with this other traveller.

Candlelit path In front of the treasury

The walkway was beautiful, and behind some of the louder group members, it was wonderfully peaceful. We made it to the main "stage" in front of the most famous building in the necropolis of Petra and sat behind some other people who had arrived before us. There was a flue player and entertainment that was wonderful. Some of the camera put wild red lights on the performers before a photo is taken. This is something you may want to look at when purchasing a camera or selecting a camera for this performance. The red lights can be very distracting to the rest of the crowd as well as the performer. My camera was dropped almost immediately in the dark when settling in, and the lens was damaged. I ended up having to use my telephoto lens for the rest of the trip, including Italy. I now travel with a spare lens every time.