A Beautiful Desert

Under the tent View of the cliff

Wadi Rum was on the southern side of our travels. It was an early start on the quiet road. Exit signs for Saudi Arabia replaced ones for Iraq and Syria. We stopped to pick up items for lunch and arrived at the place where our private driver and jeep awaited us. We said goodbye to our guide who was going to take it easy with some other guys for the day and we headed off.

The landscape was beautiful every step of the way. We stopped early on for tea under a tent as I think all rides in the wadi did. The gentleman had a cat that was quite friendly and he sold us spices that we could boil at home to make our tea. it was the most fantastic smelling tea I had ever had.

View from the tent An arch to hike up to Petroglyph of two people

We continued on to a slot canyon with petroglyps and ancient Arabic carved into the walls. This was something we had requested specifically for our trip.

We were soon off through the desert again. We would turn the corner and a whole new world would open up. The landscape went from purple rock cliffs to soft red sand dunes and then back again. We spent some time outside of the jeep climbing dunes and sliding back down in our socks. We joked that our driver would drive off while we were up there, and he did move the vehicle once on us which he got a kick out of, but he was in plain site when we got to the bottom.

Cliffs at desert Our guide's white SUV in the center of photo The red dune

We stopped a few more times to climb an arch, see petroglyphs of camels, an old shelter, and a carving of Lawrence of Arabia, which we thought was kind of odd, but we understand this is pretty interesting for most people.

We drove towards the "exit" and saw many camels which we had our eyes out for all day. We did see lizards and other desert life, but I was really happy to finally see the camels up close. We parked at the top of a dune and watched the sun set, then drove the rest of the day out.

My only regret is not buying more in the gift shop. They did have some unique things that I was not able to find later in the trip.

Rippled Sand Three camels Sunset