Balcony House is a more 'daring' tour compared to Cliff House. You need to be able to climb ladders with exposure to get to the site.

ladder to get to the house ancient stairs room with old wood parts

I will admit I did not come home with a lot of history about this place - I apologize for that. For some reason the guide pointed out that in order to wait for the photographers to take pictures she would not be able to tell us about some of the things there, like why one large pole points east.

another room final room

This location is unique in that there is a wall on the edge of the opening of the cliff. She suggested it might have ben build for day-care or for dancing. Another neat thing was the old stairs as shown in the picture in the cetner at the top of this page. The stairway is on the right of the stair-like blocks wher you can see little footprints carved into the slope.