Visiting Chichen Itza

The trip out to Chichen Itza from Cancun was a long ride in a hot bus.  We stopped for lunch in an open air restaurant that offered good food as long as you were careful not to eat or during anything that may have touched water.

When we arrived at Chichen Itza, a tour guide walked us around the park and told us about the history as they believe they know it.

A carving of two men A view of the astrology building

One of my favorite parts was when we climbed up into a tunnel that went inside a pyramid and up to the top.  Inside the pyramid at the top was a carved jaguar.  It was about 120 degrees in that tunnel, but it was really interesting to see the treasure at the end.

This Mayan ruin is probably the most popular destination for day trips from Cancun, but once we got there we could see why it was so popular. Even bus trips from the seashore for cruises came the whole way out to visit this magnificent place.