General Information

My friend John noted that our biking section could use some beefing up, and gave me the option of three trails to bike with him and his wife Sarah. I picked this one because we would have the option of eating in an old train station or a sugar house. We both thing trains are neat so I picked the train station, but it has become a Chinese restaurant now, which was not really what we wanted before biking. We then drove a little ways to the Parker's Maple Barn Restaurant in Mason which was very close to the trail. We were all happy with our meals, albeit it was actually "second breakfast" for the whole group of us. I would have a lot of calories to burn on the trail.

Bumpy bridge on the path Thin woodland path The pond Bridge over pond

The Trail

John decided that we could park in a pullout on the New Hampshire and Massachusetts border and then ride along the road to the trail. I must note that this was all uphill once we hit the dirt road to access the trail, only to find available parking space for cars, but the worst was behind us.

We turned left on to the trail, and continued at a slight grade uphill the entire way. The path was shady, but the day was hot and humid. Each time we stopped, the mosquitoes would find us immediately. We wished we had used bug spray, and will remember this for our next ride. I learned on this trip that I am the slowest, weakest, mountain biker on the planet, but being it our first day out, I figured at least I had an excuse.

When we got to the pond and the bridge we stopped and hung out for a while. We decided this would be the end for us, but temptation grew and we continued through a few more road crossings before we turned back. The ride back was the best as it was a slight grade down hill and we could just coast and chat with our friends. There were some puddles of mud in the trail because of recent rain, but most of it was not too soft for a dirt trail. The woods were very pretty and sometimes small rock ledges would crop out of the ground on both sides of the trail. On a fall day, this would be the perfect afternoon ride.