animal and guy swirl body animal man

Several of the park's trails bring you to some very nice petroglyphs. One is the short trail by the Visitor's Center (Una Vida). There is another short trail between Chetro Ketl and Pueblo Bonito which we were sorry to miss. A major trail with petroglyps and pictographs is the Wijiji Trail. We sadly did not have time for the shorter trail and hope to get back for a visit some day.

wall of petroglyphs people

One wall of petroglyphs on the Wijiji trail had a more 'modern' message on it to a person named Gene. We imagine this occurred long before there were cell phones and post-its. Now that we have these conveniences, please do not add to the wall.

message to Gene


On a spur trail of the Wijiji Trail lies the 'Supernova' pictograph. It is incredible to see. Best not to do it at noon as you will have to look straight up to see it. Though the trail was not amazingly unique in any way, the walk out to see this pictograph was well worth our time. It just had its own beauty that we can not put into words.

Supernova swirl