Trail to the Past

Red blanket pattern - detail Red bug Blanket pattern Man

The Trail to the Past path goes to a rock wall that has pictographs in red that are a little hard to see. Pictographs are different than petroglyphs in that they are painted on the rock as opposed to pecked into the rock. The start out pretty clear on the top, but are a bit faded or blurred as it gets lower. I had a hard time going through my photos and even figuring out the orientation of a few of the photos. We apologize if we have some of them wrong, as I confess to finally going through the photos three years after taking them and I am simply trying to present them to the best that my memory will allow.

Diamonds Red blanket pattern

The spot we found the pictographs in had really interesting trees that had branches weeping over the path. It made for a nice picnic area. After taking a short snack break, we found a few more pictographs. Hopefully our photos will help provide at least a feeling for the area at the very least.

Patterns Many pictographs Face