General Information

There are 8 bazillion places to stay in Albuquerque. Or something close to that anyway. There are tons of hotels, motels, resorts, etc. There is also a lot of camping. I would call it urban camping as it seems you can not get away from the highway traffic noises wherever you go, but it also makes for a good excuse to eat out instead of eating cereal.

KOA in Albuquerque North Bernalillo

our campsite at the KOA

(505) 867-5227

We got a list of campgrounds from the Ranger at Petroglyph National Park. Our only qualifier for the camp site is that we needed electrical hookups so we could recharge the camera batteries. Yes, we should probably get a charger that hooks into the car lighter, but alas we are not there yet.

We chose to stay at the KOA in North Bernoulli which to us seems like it is Albuquerque so maybe that is a borough of the great city. It was up Route 25 so it was easy to find. The hosts at the camp ground were really nice and gave us excellent advice for dinner. We went to the Range Cafe which was right around the corner. Excellent. We would go out of our way to eat there again if we ever visit Albuquerque again. Creative atmosphere, really good food, and the desert was worth writing home about.

But back to the camping! The showers were clean and hot. Free pancake breakfast if you wake up early enough. Pet walk. The only bad part was the closeness of the highway, but that seems to be the situation for the other campgrounds we looked at as well. The view from our site was very pretty (shown in the photo above).