General Information

collard lizard flowering prickly pears flower lined path

What a beautiful walk. The trails divide and merge but you are always between the two volcanoes on a wide, flat land. You can shoot up on to the volcanoes, or sit on the benches with a shade and admire the scenery.

We went during the season when the desert is a riot of blooms. This probably added a lot to the enjoyment of the trail. Spotting little critters like caterpillars, collared lizards, birds, and quick rodents was also a source of entertainment. The trail was alive.

volcano in the background orange and pink flowers yellow striped catepillar

Though it is said there are a few petroglyphs on this trail, likely on the rocky slopes of the volcanoes, we did not spot any. We did not realize until after the hike that there even were any. Not finding petroglyphs did not subtract from the enjoyment of the morning, though. The volcanoes trail add a balance in the variety of things to see at the park. It all ties together as this is the source of the rocks in the park below, where they sat for 130,000 years until people carved their art.