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Gates at the inca trail

We hiked a small section of the Inca Trail from Machu Picchu to the Sun Gate, which can be seen on the mountain ridge from Machu Picchu. The day was pretty dreary, so we were not able to get beautiful photos, but we got a good taste for the trail and are already planning to get back to Peru to hike on the trail for several days.

Most of the trail was paved with stone laid down by the Incas hundreds of years ago. They followed this trail from one city to the next.

The hike from Machu Picchu begins at one of the highest points in the park and continuously rises along the mountain to the Sun Gate. The view of the surrounding peaks is spectacular!

When we got to the Sun Gate, we found a wonderful spot to rest. From the Sun Gate, you can view all of Machu Picchu. It was fun to imagine how visitors in the past must have felt when they finally reached the Sun Gate after many days of walking and the place that we call Machu Picchu was finally in view.

As Bill relaxed in the warm Peruvian sun, I peered down the trail behind the Sun Gate. I decided at that moment that I would have to come back and hike this trail for several days and come over the ridge at the Sun Gate from the other side. Maybe next year...

flowers and mountains pillars on the trail bill at the sun gate

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We had difficulties finding information about the Inca Trail, but there is one web site that we found that is more enlightening: