General Information

View from plane Air traffic control Spiral

The flight over the Nazca lines started in Lima. We took a public bus from Lima to Nazca. The bus left around 6 or 7 am and the ride lasted about three hours. Though the bus provided a breakfast / lunch, the meal served had ham on it so it was best to go hungry. The bus was very luxurious and provided a movie for the trip.

The bus makes one stop at Las Dunes Hotel in Ica. it is at this hotel that the airline office resides. From here, the airline brought us over from the hotel to the airport that was only a few minutes down the road.

Monkey Astronaut Thing

The airport is a very small, providing one runway, a bar, a gift shop that takes United States dollars, and a condor named Pepe. Pepe had been injured and was being nursed back to health when we visited. They planned to release him back into the wild when he regained his health.

The Images

Photographing these was difficult and limited in time. Here are the best I could get. Not the quality I had hoped for, but they help give an idea of what it is like.

Bird with zig zag neck Hands

The condor was the hardest to photograph, perhaps because of the light. The spiral, like the other drawings in the desert floor, is drawn with one continuous line. The line for the spiral starts on the outside and goes in to the center where it curves around and spirals back out to the outside. The pilot never mentioned the spiral. It is unfortunate that so many vehicles have driven over the lines making them hard to see, not to mention ruining something beyond a treasure left behind by a past civilization.

Lines Bird

The hands can be seen from the Pan American Highway from an observation tower as well as from the flight. Both pictures below were taken from the flight. We were not able to go to the lookout tower.

Places to Eat

Las Dunas Hotel has a really nice outdoor restaurant that serves an international menu with fantastic food and great service. Save room for the desert!