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Map of Stones

We did this trail in a half of a day, albeit a very rushed day. These sites and more can be enjoyed in a longer day or even two if you wish to add the Archeolink Museum to your itinerary or one of the castles or gardens close by. Also, a nice place to stop for food is the place on the corner by the train crossing in Oyne. As much as British food gets a bad rap, we had a fabulous, traditional, Scottish meal at this place. They also have rooms to stay at if you wish to stay the night.

The places we mention on ths page allow for a nice drive in the countryside which was as nice as the sites themselves. The sites we saw offered a diversity that kept our interest, from carved standing stones, to a unique stone circle. A book that was helpful is "A Guide To The Stone Circles of Britain, Ireland and Brittany" by Dr Aubrey Burl. Aberdeenshire is a place we wish to visit again.

Brandsbutt Stone

Brandsbutt Standing Stone

This stone was carved around 500 - 900 A.D. Brandsbutt Stone can be found in the middle of a housing development. The drive to get there is kind of well marked untill you pass by it without any notice. It is on the right side of the street and you will see it in a grassy area. This area also marks an unrelated stone circle that was built about 3000 B.C. Please click on the image if you wish to see a larger version of the photo.

This stone is interesting in the images and writing carved into the stone. for more information, visit

Easter Aquhorthies Recumbent Stone Circle

walk the circle

This stone circle (built around 4000 - 5000 B.C.) requres a drive down a thin road to a carpark on the left under some large trees. The walk to the site is 1/4 mile up a wide dirt road. It is unique in that it was used for lunar observations. This site is part of the Grampier Stone Circle series.

Maiden Stone

Maiden Stone

This stone is striking. Seated in a grassy area, it features carvings on both sides with a notch on one edge. It was erected about 800 A.D. Please click on the image if you wish to see a larger version of the photo.

Picardy Stone

the drive

Getting to this site was spectacular. A beautiful drive through canopy of trees in the countryside. This stone was carved around 600 B.C by farming Picts. Please click on the image if you wish to see a larger version of the photo.