Our Favorite

Camping in Evie was the best part of the whole trip. We stayed at the Eviedale Campground which is situated on a family owned farm. There are two small fields on either side of a quiet road though I would suspect all of the roads on Orkney are quiet.

The sign to let us know we had arrived at the right place The view from the road between the two fields.

The place is easy to find as the only main road that runs along that way cuts right though the property. The people who run the place own a dairy farm with Holstein and Fresian cows. It holds the special qualities that we also love about Vermont.

The site is a bit away from the shore and the view is lovely. The showers and restrooms are all clean and modern. Actually, it was nicer than some of the places we stayed in England! The price is just right, and the location is great if you wish to catch the ferry over to Rousay early in the morning.

There is no place to eat close by so bringing food or eating elsewhere before you come back to camp for the evening is advisable. We probably drove a half hour looking for a town that might have a restaurant. We did finally find a pub that sold us fabulous bar food. Worth the trip!

If you travel in the fall, you might be lucky like we were. There was only one other party there so it was quiet. We were also blessed with the Northern Lights in the evening.

If we return to Orkney, without a doubt we would stay here again.