Day 1: To Machame

to 10,000 ft

We were absolutely blessed to have visited Kili when we did. Most of the perennials were blooming. OK, a few lilies had passed and a few begonias as well (though at higher altitude we caught a few on their last days.) Almost immediately on the access road to the trail, we encountered yellow flowers along the gravely banks. The Kili Impatient, which I had hoped so much to see was first sighted in the first hour and graced the trail through to following days. This flower only grows in the wild on this mountain, or so we are told.

yellow flower
First Flower I saw on the trail.
Name: No idea!
Perhaps a lobelia?
kili flower
The Kilimanjaro Impatient

red fire ball lily
African Blood Lily
Scadoxus multiflorus.

An occasional "star fire lily" makes an appearance. We saw these in Arusha national Park the day before and were looking forward to seeing them again on the mountain. The guide told me this is called a "Fire Ball Lily', or menodoxus manii. I have found nothing in all my research to confirm that, though when I looked at the Kamusi Project on the Yale website, it translated manii as "sperm" in Swahili. So perhaps the guide was pulling my leg and making up names. I think it might be a Scadoxus multiflorus which is part of the Amyrillis family.

The begonia?
A bad shot of
what might have
been the Begonia
purple with yellow
No idea
light purple
No idea
No idea

Red Hot Poker
Knop. Kili.
Red Hot Poker

Day 2: To Shira

12,000 ft

bright red gladiolus
Mackinder's Gladiolus
(Gladiolus watsonioides)
Golden Daisy Bush
Golden Daisy Bush
/ Daisy Bush

Day 4: To Karanga

13,000 ft

Helichrysum newii

Day 5: To Barafu

15,500 ft

Arabis Alpina