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Italy and Egypt - March 2007



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Day 1 - Flight to Rome

Colosseum at Night

Day 2 - Colosseum

It was Bill's first time in Italy, and he chose the Colosseum as the first stop. We did the tour and then wandered around on our own.

We then walked south and visited several churches and crypts before heading back for a long needed sleep.

Hotel Turner dining room

Day 3 - Flight to Cairo, Egypt

Our stay at the Hotel Turner was OK. The lobby and the room were very fancy, and the shower clean. Our window opened up to a shaft or space between another building's wall or something. It kind of smelled, but it was very quiet. We paid bottom dollar for the place, and it was right near a bus stop, so it did its job for the brief stay.

We left the Hotel Turner and headed for the airport. The flight to Egypt was cancelled due to a worker's strike that happens a lot in Italy, but the people at the airport put us on Egypt Air later that day to get us and a few other couples out of the airport. We were finally on our way!

King and queen in an embrace

Day 4 - Luxor

We had an early departure at the airport to fly to Luxor for the day. Busses take a long time and can be shot at, so we spent the extra cash and took the fast and easy way.

We were met by our local guide, and he brought us to every place imaginable from Hatshepsut's Temple, to Karnak Temple, and the Valley of the Queens and Valley of the Kings.

Saqqara tomb entrance

Day 5 - Memphis, Saqqara, Giza, Khan el-Khalili

This was by far the busiest day of our trip. We saw everything. We started in Cairo, and stopped by the Egyptian museum because we needed to confirm our flight at the airline office near by.

We were then whisked off to Memphis to see some pyramids and tombs, followed by a quick stop in Saqqara. This was all before lunch!

We went to Giza for lunch, and had a fantastic meal at a local restaurant near the Great Pyramid. We could see part of the pyramids from the restaurant window. Tour groups stop at this place, and they had rooms for large tables, but since it was just us and our guide, we got a small table on the side by the window. During lunch, our guide helped us order cartouche jewelry that would be hand carved during the day and we could pick them up later that afternoon. We thought this was pretty neat, and got some for our moms and for myself. After all, it was my birthday.

We then went to the pyramids, and had a ride on a camel to make the trip official, went inside the pyramids, and visited the sphinx.

We wrapped up the day at the Khan el-Khalili to do some shopping and have some dinner. I really tried to eat the traditional lamb, but we ended up feeding it to a cat under our table. The vegetables and humus was great.

Boats in Alexandria's harbor Coreopsis

Day 6 - Alexandria

The Drive to Alexandria was a long one, but we were able to stop along the way, bake bread with the locals, and hold a baby lion.

Alexandria is probably one of the most remote areas we have visited. It may not be geographically remote, but the drive between Cairo and Alexandria made it seem like we were on another planet when we arrived. We visited many sites, including some crypts and a beautiful garden. I asked for local food before we left the city, and we fond a nice little restaurant that served every salad I could think of. A real treat!

The drive back to Cairo was miserable due to traffic coming into the city. We were on the outskirts of Cairo for hours.

Sphynx statue in front of the pink museum

Day 7 - Egyptian Museum, Flight

We snuck a little time in the morning to go to the Egyptian museum for a second time. The place is a treasure trove of amazing artifacts. We then left the country, sadly, and flew to Italy and stayed overnight at the Club Isola Sacra near Ostia Antica.

Dirt path thought the necropolis

Day 8 - Ostia Antica, Pompeii

We got up early in the morning and went to what we thought was Ostia Antica, and then headed south for Pompeii. We finally arrived in the town, and checked into the Hotel Palma. It was just beautiful and our room was perfect. They were very nice hosts.

Our visit to Pompeii lasted the rest of the day until security had to help us and some other lost and confused tourists towards the exit so they could close for the night. I want to go back!

Painted columns at Herculaneum

Day 9 - Herculaneum

We left the Hotel Palma and headed back towards Herculaneum. We spent most of the day exploring these wonderfully preserved ruins, before we headed up the steep and winding roads of vesuvius for a hike to the top.

We finally had to head "home" to Rome. Dropping off a car at the airport was incredibly easy, and we took the train to Rome and checked into the Hotel Richmond, which we stay at most of the time we are in Rome and not renting an apartment.

Decoration on the front of a tomb

Day 10 - Vatican

The Vatican Museums are a long wait to get in, but a wonderful place to visit. The cafeteria makes you thankful for the food you have at home, but everything else was fantastic.

Day 11 - Flight Home