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Mexico and Guatemala - September 1993

This is not actually a Bill and Cori trip, it is a Cori and her buddy Pete trip, but we are including it here because the pictures of the ruins proved interesting to us.


Chichen Itza

Day 1- Chichen Itza

The trip to Chichen Itza started out with a long bus trip. We stopped for a lunch and discovered that hot food was a lot hotter than it is in the US.


Day 2 - Tikal

I ventured out alone to Tikal in Guatemala while my friend went sea fishing. The trip to Tikal is an all day trip, starting with a flight to Flores, Guatemala where a tour bus picks you up for the drive to the park. The day is spent in the park, and a stop in Flores for shopping or a snack is the last item on the agenda before they return you to the airport for the flight home. Might I add - the airport was like no airport in the United States - see for yourself!


Day 3 - Xcaret

Xcaret (pronounced ish-car-ay if I recall correctly) is a park that contains ruins, horseback riding, beautiful beaches and an "underground tunnel" to float thought for an hour of relaxation.


Day 4 - Coba

On our last day, we rented a car and went out to Coba to see more ruins. One wonderful thing about Coba is that there is not a large crowd of people. One drawback is that if you don't speak Spanish, you may encounter trouble communicating with other people.